Meet Your Organizer

Lizzy is a St. Louis based professional Organizer. Lizzy is a firm believer that organization is a skill that everyone can learn. She brings a nonjudgemental lightheared approach to decluttering with her clients. 

Lizzy discovered her passon for organization and decluttering while being a fulltime mom of four. Keeping a tidy and functionally organized home was her secret to keeping schedules and a consistant routine for all four. Now that all four of her children are in school she has decided to share the love of reimagining and home organization with the community. 

Lizzy helps families dive in to their closets, panteries, storage spaces, offices and much more  to help them rekindle their appreation for the space they have. Less Is More is the concept Lizzy helps teach her clients so they can maintain a decluttered lifestyle.